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Though my first camera was a much loved Kodak Instamatic I got for Christmas at around age 7, serious photography started for me just over a decade ago as a way of capturing the beauty of the outdoors and travels that my wife Carmen and I enjoy together. Today I want to share the emotions we feel as we experience this life in our small town surrounded by farmland as well as our travel adventures near and far. My attempt to use my camera to make beauty where we live everyday has been quite a life changing experience, I am much more optimistic about the world and mankind. Now I can even find beauty in the mundane, the grey, and even the dark parts of life.

With my camera on the streets I have found the perfect tool for connecting with people. Street photography has always been very compelling to me but the idea of just taking a person's photo somehow seemed like I was taking something that did not belong to me. So I started asking people I found interesting to take their photo and the responses is almost always positive. I have only had a couple rejections and a few whys. I have fallen in love with this way of connecting to people and it has given me a much needed positive view on people in general. 

Since beginning my professional journey, I’ve worked on many different types of projects from freelancer for local magazines, weddings and portraiture, assistant to a nationally renowned photographer, as well as a camera man and short film maker. My photos have been used on websites (including an international travel site) and some are on display at the local chamber of commerce.